Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59 ~ Revised A Few Cards

Sundays are my days to "rest" on the sabbath, anyone with small children know that means you get to sleep in for an extra half hour if you're lucky. So, I don't get much time to do crafting.

I've had these little cards around for awhile and they didn't have the insides finished, so I will be fixing up my baby cards on Sundays and posting them in my Etsy Store. There is only one of these particular cards and I don't have the supplies to make another of it, so if you like it you better hurry on over. =)

Blessings my friends. Dee =)

Little Girlie Card"

Inside of the girlie card:

Little baby boy card:

Inside of little baby boy card:

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  1. LOVE your stuff! :)