Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53 ~ Tea Party Invite Demo

So this post is going to be super picture heavy. I am working on a joint birthday party for a couple of sweet little girls who will be having a tea party. So, here are the sample invitations I have made and am just waiting on what decisions the mama makes and I'll get right on them.

Here are the pink options for the main card. I didn't want to make 2 cards so the first one has the flap from the back to show the different ways to make it. I handstamped the little daisy on in pink and then white ink.

Here is what the card looks like when you open it. It's a slider card and I got the idea from a Hero Arts video on youtube and thought it would be perfect for this invitation. The 2nd picture is the back side of the invitation. Ignore the little hole on the wrong side of the sample, I punched it wrong and didn't feel the need to make a new one since it's a sample card.

This is the other option of a purple card base with the same colour of pink inside. The daisy is again handstamped in a purple then white ink.

Here is what the inside of the invite will look like. I need to tweak the actual invitation a bit and have the writing a little more to the right and not so centered b/c of where the hole is to make it a slider card. That's what I learned about making things with a hole in them. hehe

This is Lily and she is a fairy from Pink Cat Studios, she's a digital stamp and I A-dore the stamps from this place. I made her 3 different ways and in each pair the the colours of the wings and the big heart are either a pink or blue. Also the heart on the antanae, the hearts on the dress and the heart on the cupcake all match in each pairing. I then used my sickles glitter to accent parts.
Lily Example # 1

Lily Example # 2

Lily Example # 3

The next set of stamps are from Stamping Bella and this is Scarlett. I had SO much fun at her store last week while hubby was on vacation and picked her up. She is A-dorable!!!! I did each of the pairing similar but different teacup colours in pink and blue.
Scarlett Example # 1

Scarlett Example # 2

Scarlett Example # 3
I also used a white and light purple ribbon to make it into the slider card and I can't wait to get started on these. Thanks for looking. =)


  1. Oh my.........those are just precious!!!!!!
    I got my order!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    I even posted all about it on my facebook page and did alittle shameless spaming for ya! (giggle)
    Thank you sooooooooo much! You put so much heart into your work and it shows!
    As always, praying girl!
    Love ya!!!!!!

  2. awwww thanks Shauna!!!! I'm so glad that your order made it to you in a timely manner. I had so much fun picking out the cards to put into it and hope you liked the little extras!!! Love ya girl!!!!

  3. Oh!!!! and I don't mind at all for the advertising!!!! I'm happy to get other orders out as well. ;)