Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34 ~ My New Copic Markers

So, I bought this little lady bug digi stamp from Pink Cat Studio, I was having fun colouring in a bunch of them when I ran out of red... oh no!!!! can't have a ladybug without red. I already had the pink flower done on all of them.

I've been wanting to try out the copic markers for a long time now. I've seen many tutorials on youtube and awesome pictures from other people. So, today was hubby's day off and I went to our local art supply store. They didn't have the copic sketch markers I want, so I got the copic ciao ones instead. The colour isn't as intense or bright as the original, but if you click on the picture to see just how well the coverage is on it.

The original marker is on the left and the copic is on the right. I am loving my new copic marker. I also got a few skin tones and I'll show you a picture of my fairy from Pink Cat Studio as well a little later tonight. I just have to take a picture of her. She has some glitter on her and I'm still fiddling with how not to get a glare. If I can't figure it out, I'll take a picture of her anyway and share it so you can see the skin tone with her cute cheeks.

If I get time later today I'll make a card with the little fairy.

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  1. I just love these!!
    And I still haven't figured out to get a good pic without the glare on the glitter. I need to make a picture with some glitter and try it. I will try and do that tomorrow. :)