Monday, March 1, 2010

Craft Nook Part 3

You will notice in this part of my nook that I have left Ruby's quilt up. This is a very special memorial quilt some very special mama's at CHF made shortly after Roo passed away. This is a picture of it when this part of the room was my Ruby nook.

In front of her quilt I have 2 microwave carts pushed together. It was hard to take a picture of because of the table being right there hehe.

On the bottom are some 12" x 12" containers holding various things. The top shelf has Melody's bin (it contains all her scrapbooking stuff), solid cardstock and small scraps (which at the moment is a bunch of loose papers still needing to be filed). On the bottom shelf are baby, designer (full 12" x 12" sheets) and christmas stuff. There are also black single accordian folders that contain different kinds of stickers.

On this side of the cart are my paper cutters and scoring stuff. On the bottom is all my cross stitch things. That's another thing I really enjoy doing is cross stitch.

And here is the top of that. On the left is my scrap paper storage unit. Here is a link to the post about how I got the idea for this system. It works really well for me and I grab for these folders so often that I am not wasting anymore paper sorting around trying to find little pieces.

Next to the scrap paper bin is another 12" x 12" container and it hosts my orders and current projects I am working on. Always nice to keep things in one area.

I took the lid off of one of the bins so you could see what is inside. These boxes have different envelopes and pre-cut cards ready to be folded up. The top is my 3" x 3" box, then there is a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" box and then a 6 1/2" x 5" box. I make all of my own envelopes now so I mass produce them when I do. I often watch tv and get busy with this kind of thing. Then I don't have to make an envelope when an order comes in because they are already made. =D

Hope you are enjoying your tour thus far, onto part 4!!!

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