Monday, March 1, 2010

Craft Nook Part 6

Here are the last pieces of my nook to show you. As you can see in the first photo, my night stand is on the right and well..... the bed is right beside it. lol This is my bookcase that will eventually house my favourite novels. I don't know what hubby did with the shelves so I can't put the books on there yet. Most of them are hanging out in the closet on the top shelf. hehe

This is my create sign that I made awhile back and my Twilight calendar... which now that I look at it, I need to change it, cause Emmett is for February.... oh May come soon so I can see my Jasper. /blush

I promise you that my punches are level. I just apparently can't take a picture of a door properly. So, even though they look like they are sloping in an easternly direction, I promise you that they are straight. I got these racks at Ikea, I have the 21 inch length ones and they were only 3 bucks each!!! They are just like towel racks but you get them in the kitchen section and they are closer to the wall.

Well thank you for looking at my craft nook. It's been a long process getting it all set up, but it's been this way for a few weeks and I'm finally starting to get things organized and working how I like it.
Blessings, Dee =)

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