Monday, March 1, 2010

Craft Nook Part 2

Here we go onto the paper area!!! Which is pretty much almost all of my craft nook.

Beside the dresser is this shoe organizer that has 2 baskets with stamps/glues. The shelf below are my chalks, little squares of papers and misc things. Below that is the power cord and pedal to my sewing machine. The purple and green container has all my ribbons for my hair bows. I'll have to show that sometime just for fun.

Here is a better shot at my inks on the left, and glues and daubers on the right.

This is my inspiration board. You'll see a little glass hummingbird hanging near it, I have 3 of them in the room and we collect them now because of Ruby. She never talked but she would hum her sentences. My daughter Melody said that Ruby was like a hummingbird and there is a ruby throated hummingbird, so we collect them now. =D

I put things that inspire me and goals (ahem pink slice) I am working towards.

This is the shelving unit of paper craftage!!!! I'll go into more detail with the pictures below.

On the very top, on the left is my 12" x 12" box that has extra supplies in it that I use regularly. On top of that are my copic marker refills. Beside those are my finished cards. I don't have a better home for them, so this container works well and keeps the dust off of them.

The shelf below going from left to right.....

My containers of embossing powders. They each have their own little spoon and I find it much easier to hold the image in the box and sprinkle on some powder, then flick so the powder goes right back into the container.

The two boxes hold stamped images that haven't been coloured in yet. When I stamp, I always make a few extra stamped images for later on. Next is baby wipes, you can never have too many baby wipes!! Then there is temp adhesive and rubbing alcohol behind the pink container that holds my decorative scissors and beside that is my circle cutter.

The next two shelves are my fun shelves. The top one in the picture is where I take my photos of my cards. I took thick thick bristol board stuff (but like styrofoam only more durable) and cut it to size. On the left side are little bottles that used to have body lotions and stuff in it, now they have little glittery flowers hehe. On the right are my tim holtz inks and some sickles glittery heavenliness!!! The effect of glitter without the mess... ahhh.....

Below that shelf is my paper storage. You can see the post I did about it here. The binders that are on that shelf hold my past card ideas and my full stamped images so I can just flip through the binder and decide what I want to stamp with.

The bottom shelves host my stamps in cd cases and on that same shelf are some cute photo albums that need some homes at some point. On the very bottom are my magazines. I just purged through a bunch of them so there are a few empty magazine holders. On the very far right are all of my cross stitch patterns and books.

Here is a closeup of my cd cases with my stamps in them.

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