Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 ~ ThankYou, Arigato, Merci... How Do You Say Thank You?

I like this stamp set a lot. It comes in 3 pieces. First is the circle with all the different ways to say thank you, 2nd is the little arrow, and 3rd is the one that says "all kinds of thanks"

I noticed I have a preference for making very bright and girly coloured cards, so thought I would pull out some more masculine colours and give it a go. hehe

So, here are my cards from today.


  1. Hi Dee, my name is Peta, I've been told to tell you that I'm Larila's girlfriend from Australia, to identify myself.

    John (Larila) gave me the link to your blog so I could look at your cards. You are wonderfully talented! They are beautiful, and it inspires me to keep at it!

  2. It's so great to meet you Peta!!! John talks about you all the time in game and I feel like I know you already. So glad to have another artistic person to talk with. Keep up with your art and I'd love to see it sometime. (((hugs))) Dee =)